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Handmade ceramic soap dish, with carved patterns, glazed and fired. Shaped as a wonderful sunflower in pink colour. 


100% High Quality & Brand New


Perfect idea for a gift.


Our ceramic soap dish can be used for any of our solid bars for hair and body. Cosmetic dish is glazed what makes it anti-bacterial, it prevents any germs from lingering around. 


It is life lasting, unless you break it! 


Our floral ceramic soap dish will keep your products clean, and dry. Please notice that our ceramic plates don't have drainage system. Make sure you pet dry or get rid of any water excess off of your product.


Why do our ceramic dishes have no drainage?

We believe that the lack of the drainage system works out better and it helps you prevent the bacterial growth and leakage over the sink, shlef and bath.


Why to choose our ceramic bathroom dish?


1. Durable and simply beautuiful

2. Inexpensive as they last a LIFETIME

3. Keeps the counter clean and no leakage

4. Aesthetically appealing.

5. Works with all of our bar sizes.

6. Easy to clean and look after.

Ceramic Bathroom Plate - Soap Dish - Pink Flower - Handmade

VAT Included |
  • Note:

    Due to different screen settings, the picture colour may differ from the real colour.


    Please allow some small measurements differances as every soap dish is handmade.

  • Measurement (approx.)

    11.3 cm Wide

    2.2 cm High

    6.7 cm Wide flat bottom of the plate

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