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Hair & Skin Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Carefully selected Organic Lemon Essential Oil is full of potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, an essential vitamin and antioxidant, important for hair & skin health.


What Are The Beauty Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil?

Lemon Oil health benefits for hair

  • strengthen hair

  • regulates sebum production

  • prevents infections in the scalp

  • reduces dandruff and protects from flaky skin

  • natural hair tonic

  • helps maintain healthy scalp

Lemon Essential Oil properties to the skin

  • cleans and tightens the pores

  • whitens age spots & pigment spots

  • exfoliates by removing dead skin cells

  • gives radiance to skin

  • nourishes the skin

  • helps to even out the skin tone

Aromatherapeutic use of Lemon Essential Oil

  • fights exhaustion

  • helps with depression by promoting positive moods

  • natural air purifier

Interesting Facts About Lemon Essential Oil

One single lemon tree, in one year has a strong potential to produce from 220 kg up to even 270 kg of lemons.


It takes around 75 lemons to make 15 ml of pure essential oil. There are 5 drops of essential oil in one lemon.

Botanical Name - Citrus Limon

Method of Extraction - Cold Pressed/Expressed

Plant Part Used - Citrus peel

Color - Pale yellow to Deep yellow


Strength of Initial Aroma - Strong

Aromatic Description:

Lemon Essential Oil smells fruity, citrusy, lightly bitter, clean, fresh and sharp.

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